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tolong pergi ke crazy book
disini ada virus malware tahun 1988

Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

day marks the 40th Anniversary of the first-ever Moon Landing! On this special day in History, Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts stepped foot onto the Moon’s rocky surface, literally reaching new heights in space-travel & technology. In order to commemorate these brave astronauts, we are releasing armors, helms, and a pet that are really “out of this world!”

  • Moon Walker Armor
  • Moon Walker Helm
  • The Man in the Moon Helm
  • Moon Walker Backpack
  • Lunar Lander Pet

Moon Gear!
These items will only be available until the eve of the Half Moon, which in English translates to Monday, July 27th!

Jumat, 17 Juli 2009

The Monsters of GreenGuard!
Boss monsters, quests, new items, and adventure

Can you defeat the Black Knight, the Father of all Slimes, a Basilisk, the dreaded Deathgazer or a Dragon guarding his horde of treasure? GreenGuard forest is filling up with monsters to battle, quests full of items and several interesting new characters to meet. There are no maps or quick joins... so you must explore the forest on foot!
Read more on the Design Notes

The Green Dragon's Lair

Minggu, 12 Juli 2009

Invite Your Friends to Play!

Make your friends Work to earn you gold and exp!
Would you like your friends and family to earn you some gold and exp while you are offline? We added the new Refer your Friends and Family system to MechQuest last week and it was a hit. So we just made it available for you here as well. The idea is pretty simple and we like it because it does not reward anyone for spamming.

You will get a special link in the Manage Account area... and if someone uses that link to sign up, you will get bonus gold and experience based on the amount your friends earned each day. The best part is, if your friend becomes an upgraded member, you will get 250 AdventureCoins! Of course... your friend is going to expect some help defeating all the tough monsters in return!

Get your link from the Manage Account Area

  1. Click on the Manage Account link

  2. Login with your username and password

  3. You will see "New Feature" and a button that says Referred Friends, click this button to invite a friend and to see the list of friends you have invited. This link can also be seen on the left menu.

  4. To invite a friend, enter their email in the textbox labeled "Friend's Email" and then Submit! Or you can copy and paste your referral link on your blog, on your status, anything you want!

Minggu, 05 Juli 2009

The Inquisitor Finale
End of the Inquisitor Saga!
In the exciting conclusion to the Inquisitor saga you will battle the Grand Inquisitor himself! You will be able to obtain his armor, mace, cape and helm.

Mace of the Grand Inquisitor

The Beast: Inquisitor Part 2 Boss Fight
The Inquisitors are a group of Knights dedicated to eradicating all of the magic in the world. Go to the Citadel on the map and complete all of the quests to stop the magic-hating Inquisitors and unlock the boss battle! Defeat the beast to unlock a shop containing 4 MONSTER MORPH armors, 2 Inquisitor soldier armors, and several very mean weapons!

The Inquisitors

Jumat, 03 Juli 2009

Secret how to get skeleton armor:
First go to marsh and then go find a monster called lich. and then fight it
until you got armor called secret undead armor! And then if you sell it it
will cost 100000 gold and if you lucky you can sell it 5000 coins.

Kamis, 02 Juli 2009

Easy Level-Ups:
Go to Swordhaven and find the Inn with Artix and Robina in it. Now once you've
found the Inn and saw the Artix and Robina. Press the bubble on top of Artix's head
and a black box will appear letting you do quests like (Defend The Gates and Undead
Invasion). Now since the black box is open, don't ever close it and type on the chat
box for players this:

/join bridge-1111

Once you travel here, the black box with the quest is with you. Next step is accept
all the quest in the box and don't ever close the box. Now fight everything in the
bridge including the large Skeleton Boss with the large blade at the end of the bridge.
Once you killed the boss Skeleton, Turn in the item you have called (Undead Commander
Blade) or something to the quest you accepted called (Defend The Gates). You earn for
the blade is at least 100 experience poinst and 100 gold. Now keep repeating these
steps and you'll get yourself some good cash and fast level-up.

Secret - Easy Money in 2 ways:

book of lore-easy money

If you have a book of lore,most people do go to sword haven on fire where the undead attacked sword haven do the quest fire gem and the staff you get(burn it down) sell the staff and you get 12,500 gold,keep doing this and you can be rich and sometimes you get a staff from the fire mages,that you can sell for 2,500 gold. hope this helps


1. Finish all Galanoths Quests To Unlock His Secret SHOP.

2. To Unlock Dslayer Class To Galaoths's Quests And Buy It From SHOP.

3. YOU MUST get 10Warrior And 10Healer Or 10Warlord and 10Acylote Class to unlock the paladin shop (and do quests there easy and simple). He has Secret Member Items!

4. For Lolosia's shop Do all Her Desired Quests She has Unique Wepons Armor and Items.

I Will Tell U A SECRET Code In DF.
It is: Kthx!
This will unlock Moglin Headwear and items.
Talk to Twilly In Falcon Reach and type it in THANK-YOU!

1.Galanoth's Sword (DragonSword)Do All Of His Quest's to unlock his shop (its in here)
2.Dslayer Class (Rank1)Do All Of His Quest's to unlock his shop (Its in here)
3.Paladin Shop ArtixGet Rank 10 warrior and rank 10 healer to unlock the shop
4.Lolosia ShopDo Her Quests ALL To Unlock Shop